Tuesday, 20 February 2018

Lower Fintray - River Don

I had my first cast of 2018 on the River Don last week end as I ventured out to the Lower Fintray beat. Lower Fintray is part of the Aberdeen and District Angling Association water and the famous Manse Pool is part of the beat.
Looking upstream from the tail of the Manse Pool with the snowdrops in full bloom.
The Manse Pool, Lower Fintray. 
It was a cracking day to be out with bright sun and just enough wind to put a ripple on the water. The water height was reading 6" on the Parkhill gauge. I think the FishPal gauges are a bit out these days because going by experience of the stones in the pool I would say it was nearer 8 or 9" to be honest. The water temp was hovering around the 37f mark which is still pretty cold for the River Don.
Fishing down the Manse Pool. 
The hand drawn pool map of the Lower Fintray beat in the hut which over looks the Manse Pool. 
Although I didn't see or catch anything, it was just good to be back out on the Don for a cast again. To many, it's the poorer neighbour of the Dee but on it's day it can be equally productive. Maybe not in recent years to be fair but the potential is still there. When you can fish pools such as the Manse for a little over £200 per season then it would be silly not to give the Don a go. I have no doubt the Don will recover soon enough and hopefully we will see the start of that recovery this year. I'm certainly planning on doing a lot more fishing on the ADAA water this year just to see where the Don stands in terms of numbers for 2018. I'm looking forward to finding out.
Looking downstream in the Eagle Pool at Lower Fintray on the River Don.
Looking upstream from the bank of the Eagle Pool.
An under water still of a Monkey Fly in action as it flutters int he current at the tail of the Manse Pool.

Thursday, 15 February 2018

Monkey Flies

I spent a few hours at the fly tying vice yesterday in preparation for a forthcoming trip to the River Dee in the next few weeks. This is one of my favourite fly patterns to use, not only in spring but all year round. These ones are tied on 21mm Eumer aluminium tubes and have a wing length of around 5". Hopefully they'll do the business in the coming weeks and months.
A team of Monkey Flies ready for action on the River Dee.
The original Monkey Fly.
Chartreuse Monkey. I copied this pattern from Gordon Armstrong who has been doing well this spring with it. I'll be giving it a go myself.